The Cause

Kentucky's water makes its bourbon special. Kentucky Waterways Alliance protects its future.

Garden & Gun is proud to support grassroots nonprofit organization Kentucky Waterways Alliance. The Bluegrass State is home to 97 percent of the world’s bourbon production, with Kentucky’s clean, limestone-rich water at the heart of every barrel. Kentucky Waterways Alliance works with distillers on initiatives to protect this treasured resource, upholding the state’s tradition of exceptional spirits and further supporting local communities.

Kentucky Waterways Alliance's "Clean Water Better Bourbon" campaign encourages distillers to pledge their support of water protection and conservation in Kentucky. Clean water is essential to the production of fine bourbon, which in turn contributes to the health of Kentucky's economy. By supporting this campaign, distillers help ensure the ability of Kentucky Waterways Alliance to act as a watchdog for watersheds, protecting against threats to the health of this essential supply.

In 2019, efforts by Kentucky Waterways Alliance resulted in:

638 car tires removed from waterways around Kentucky (more than six times the number of tires removed in 2018)

26,900 pounds of trash removed from 50 miles of waterways

4,195 total hours of volunteer work (nearly double the volunteer hours logged in 2018)

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