The Cause

Since the 1800s, the mint julep has been one of America’s most iconic cocktails. The straw, invented specifically for use in sipping the mint julep, is every bit as iconic. Unfortunately, the paper straws of the 1800s have evolved into the modern-day plastic straws that contribute heavily to environmental pollution in our oceans and waterways.

In a conscious effort to make a lasting positive difference for our environment, Garden & Gun, Maker’s Mark®, and Bourbon Country® are joining national conservation movements to raise awareness about the importance of eliminating plastic straw use.

Mint Julep Month venues and participants are encouraged to ditch the plastic straw and use paper or alternative straws for sipping and serving their juleps. If you are a participating venue using Maker’s Mark® in your julep and need paper straws, we are happy to connect you with your local Maker’s Mark® representative to provide them for you.

Email with the request.

Here are all of the locations that have switched to paper straws because of Maker's Mark®.